My artwork divulges playfully arranged fragments of the human body and objects to examine our shared experience of living in a body of flesh. I distort the viewer to reflect on plump round ripples, folds and deep valleys emulating a peer into a tender forbidden place of touching or holding. These forms reveal our natural longing for affection and intimacy. My paintings, both schematically posed and also collected from everyday life, explore fleshy pieces and compact parts to renew our understanding of embodiment. Paradoxically our bodies are vehicles of shame and tools for violence and domination. This work exemplifies our naked vulnerability to denounce our shame and defy our brutality, in order to reclaim our humanity. 




Lauren Flaaen is primarily a self-taught oil painter and has worked as an art educator at Friends of Youth, a  non-profit therapeutic home for undocumented boys (2011-15). During this time she facilitated and completed two murals, one as a collaboration with Urban Art Works in Seattle. She holds a BA from the University of Washington and currently resides in Chicago where she exhibits locally including Roman Susan and Andersonville Art Week. 





2007  BA, University of Washington, Seattle, WA




2018  Roman Susan Gallery, Firsts and Starts Art-making as a New        Mother   Chicago, IL


2018  Be Yoga Art Show, Andersonville Art Week, Chicago, IL


2017  Armadillo’s Pillow, Artmadillo, Chicago, IL


2015  Friends of Youth (Amigos de Jovenes), Culturas del Mundo Mural,Renton, WA


2014  Friends of Youth (Amigos de Jovenes), Historia, Cultura, Esperanzas Mural, Collaboration with Urban Artworks, Renton, WA 




2011   Art Educator, Friends of Youth, Renton, WA


Developed art curriculums in painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, art history, and murals for unaccompanied DCS adolescents in a therapeutic residential facility.


2014  Co-facilitator of Chill and Spill: Art Therapy for Teens, Renton, WA


Directed an art therapy class for reducing symptoms of trauma, building resilience and fostering emotional development. 


2014  Art with Heart, Chill and Spill Intensive Training, Seattle, WA


Intensive training using a blend of therapeutic approach including arttherapy, narrative therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. 





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