I paint and construct the body as a symbol of human life, the universal experience of occupying flesh. The body is uncovered and engulfed in a wave of vulnerability. They become moments suspended in time, impenetrable from harm. This tenderness is retaliation against the exploitive and abusive violence of our culture.


I manipulate the scale and arrangement of body parts disorienting the view to a new distorted landscape. The forms are exacerbated until they become obnoxious. This obscurity opens up a place to expose the psychological wounds of humanity’s violent propensities as the bodies call out and claim their existence.


In contrast to tenderness, disjointed female body parts and building materials quench an exhibition of rage. This agitation confronts the lack of agency of bodies in the expansive universe of Eurocentric male dominance. I release the constraints of the body as I detach and rebuild the parts, resisting the invisibility, singularity and solitude of motherhood.


My practice is committed to this form of rebellious resilience, maintaining our humanity as we heal from our current and historical wounds. It is a celebration of our primordial desire of intimacy and connectivity as a form of empowerment. However painful it is to acknowledge that we are citizen of this world, we must navigate a thriving existence that denounces the brutal flaws of humanity.




2020 Art-in-Place, Terrain and CNL Projects, Chicago, IL


2020 Touch, A Virtual Exhibition, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL


2020 Painting at Night, Artist/Mother Podcast Online Exhibition, Nashville, TN


2018 Firsts and Starts Art-making as a New Mother, Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago, IL


2018 Andersonville Art Week, Be Yoga, Chicago, IL


2017 Artmadillo, Armadillo’s Pillow, Chicago, IL


2015 Culturas del Mundo Mural, Friends of Youth, Renton, WA


2014  Historia, Cultura, y  Esperanzas Mural, Collaboration with Urban Artworks, Friends of Youth, Renton, WA 




2020   Teaching Artist, Gilda’s Club, Chicago, IL


Instruct art classes at Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University that reduce stress, provide relaxation and community to patients. 


2011   Art Educator, Friends of Youth, Renton, WA


Developed art curriculums in painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, art history, and murals for unaccompanied DCS adolescents in a therapeutic residential facility.


2014  Co-facilitator of Chill and Spill: Art Therapy for Teens, Renton, WA


Directed an art therapy class for reducing symptoms of trauma, building resilience and fostering emotional development. 




2007  BA, University of Washington, Seattle, WA




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